Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Review of Lucky's Tap Room and Eatery

I was clearly disappointed in March at my first and last visit to Lucky's so I decided now that they have had time to work the kinks out I would go back and give it another shot. I have tried a few times before to go back but they were always packed and too busy.
So last night we made it back into Lucky's and WOW I was impressed! Upon entering and having a seat we were warmly greeted by Zack. Way to go Zack! That is part of the customer service I am always looking for. Next step....what beer to have? Well I will be damned! They had a beer menu! I LOVED it. For the beer novice this menu is perfect. Not only did it explain the beer styles but also included menu items it pairs well with. YAY!
Next issue....the glassware. Guess what? They have proper glassware now and we had our beers poured correctly and in the proper glass. So what right? Well for me it was a big deal and I appreciated it. Also...the glasses were DRY! Hooray!
Is there anything that could be improved in my opinion? Other than having my awesome sugar cream pies or my blueberry basil goat cheese pies on their menu (wink) ...NOTHING! The place is definitely right up my alley now and I can see myself going back very often. Today we did a take out order of chili dogs and lemme say...YUMMY! It looks like Sunday's might be our new day to go to Lucky's cause the lack of crowd and atmosphere is perfect!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lucky's Tap Room and Eatery

I know you all know my love of beer so you can just imagine how excited I was to find out Dayton was getting a new place that was going to be serving craft beer. I really wanted to go to Lucky's Tap room located in Oregon district. The location is great! You can do a little bar crawl if you so desire. It is walking distance from Blind Bob's and Trolley Stop which both have a decent craft beer menu.
So let me just say in advance that maybe I expect too much from a place that is a tap room or specializes in craft beer. I do not want to be pretentious nor do I want to be a beer snob, but after this visit to Lucky's I had to do some serious thinking. So here goes...Upon arrival we were not greeted by staff. No one said hello. Not a peep. We were at the bar a good 5 or so minutes with out being acknowledged. I am used to getting at least a hello when I sit at the bar almost immediately after sitting down. Did not happen at Lucky's . I immediately asked for a beer menu. I was informed that the taps rotate too often for that so there was no menu. Ok fine so I waited for him to tell me what he had...but he walked off. The waiter over heard and handed us his cheat sheet he wrote down. So I picked Goose Island Pepe Nero. Now here is where I do not want to sound like a beer snob cause I am not but it was served in a reg COLD ( wet) beer glass. Look I guess I expected it to be served in a tulip type glass Belgian styles are normally served in but that is ok. What was not ok was the COLD WET glass. To me that is a big ugh. I just want to enjoy my beer. I like the taste after it was warmed a little and if the glass is cold I have to wait that much longer.
I had no idea what a few of the beers on tap were or what styles they were. Well the sad thing is the bartender did not know either. If he doesn't know what he is serving maybe he shouldn't be serving it? I was not told they had a bottle can selection either. Their doors are not glass so you can not see what is down in the cold cases. The owner happened to be helping out and opened and I peeked in a noticed some real gems! I settled on a Dark Horse Reserve that was boasted to be "ice cold" me a big no no and of course it was served to be with a wet cold glass.
So my suggestions that would make Lucky's better? Have a chalk board with a current list of beers on tap and in bottle or can. That way customers can know what is available. Also the bartenders need to know about the beer...what style is it? Who is it made by..etc. I love a good bartender who asks what I like and then gives me suggestions based on what they have in. Ex: I love a good IPA so he could have suggested his Lucky U IPA, Bear Republic Racer 5 etc.
I can say the price point at Lucky's was great. Nothing was over 6 bucks and for craft beer around here that is a good deal.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monks Blood

I remember when Monks Blood was released maybe 2 years ago and I thought...I want to try that. I was envious of my fellow beer fans who got to try it. So many raved about how good it was. So finally my time came. I had access to it and by golly I was gonna try it. Guess what? Well if you read my other blog post on 21st Amendment then you know how I feel already. I was disappointed. I LOVE the style ( suppose to be a dark Belgian strong ale) but I did not love this beer. I did not get that Belgian goodness I was looking for. It was very faint. For a 8.3 abv beer that was also sort of dark it was very "light" tasting. Maybe if it wasn't labeled Belgian style I would not be as disappointed?
I know what I like in certain beers. This was just not doing it for me. If it only tasted as awesome as the description. I did not get much on the cinnamon or the candied sugar but did taste fig. That was about it too.
The thing is I still do not want to give up on 21st Amendment. I want to like one of their beers. This summer I am gonna give their Hell Or High Watermelon a fair chance poolside. And I think their cider beer will be ok I mean you really can't mess up a cider can you??

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Well here I am. I have not been blogging much at all lately. I feel like I just do not have much to say since I have been in such a slump. I have looked back over the year and all I can do is shake my head. This time last year I found out my marriage just could not be saved at all. I expected to be sad, angry, all that shit and then get over it and get my life back on track. Well some of that did happen and some of it did not. It was like a horrible snow ball effect for me. I lost my job. Lost my apartment and here I am ...still jobless. I did not think it would still be like this. I was certain I would be employed by now.
I am SO SICK of everyone telling me it will get better. That is so easy to say from where they are sitting. I need a job. I have applied every where and any where that is hiring. I can not seem to catch a break at all. Living with my dad and Susie is AWFUL. I have no control over anything and that sucks. I do not get to decide what I want to eat or the shampoo I use. It is all decided for me and that is hard to handle sometimes. Especially with the food around here. I just can not stand the non organic food and all the meat! MEAT ugh I just wanna cry some days.
I have met a wonderful man through all of this and I am very lucky. I do know the lack of employment has the potential to take its toll on the relationship and I pray that does not happen. I try to be positive and keep my chin up but sometimes I feel like it is pointless. Those of you who know me and know my life history know things have not gone easy for me EVER. So it is hard to expect them to change now. I do not even know how to fix anything when no one will hire me.
So yeah here I am living with my Dad and Susie wondering when it is going to get better. Wondering if it will get better. Getting out of a slump is hard I suppose and I just am exhausted. Perhaps the mistakes I made in my past will always haunt me?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21st Amendment you let me down

So as many of you know I am dating a GREAT guy. He takes me to some awesome places and lately we have been trying some new beers. Back in Indiana I could not get 21st Amendment beers at all. So when I found out they were readily available here I was STOKED. Well now my excitement has turned into pure disappointment. Maybe it was a case of envy? Wanting what I couldn't have? Making it seem so much better in my mind because it was elusive? I do not know but I would like some thoughts from those of you who do like them or do not like them. Surely it is not just me?
So first one we had was at Southpark Tavern. A great little place in oregon district area. I was impressed with their selection in general. I ordered the Brew free or Die which is a IPA style. I just did not taste that hop kick I love from IPA's. I had read some reviews stating it was bitter. I do not know what they were drinking but this was far from bitter. It seemed thin to me and very below average for an IPA so I probably would never order one again.
Then a couple weeks later we tried the Fire Side Chat. I fell in love with the concept of this beer ( winter warmer) thinking it would be spicy yet full of beer goodness. All I can say is all I tasted was the spice. It wasn't even like beer was in there to me. It was like carbonated fizzy fizz with spiced cider in it. I am still not giving up hope on this one and am going to try it on tap.

So finally we snagged a six pack of the Back to Black Ipa. I know the controversy over a black IPA but I still LOVE the concept so I was SURE I would love this beer. That is why we bought six of them. I did NOT love this beer at all. It seemed a tinge sour. Not at all hoppy like and IPA and I didn't taste the roasty malty goodness I was expecting. A big let down. I Still have 2 cans in the fridge sitting there waiting to be drank. So yet another beer by them that just disappointed me

Do I give up on 21st? I get that I am not gonna love every brewery but usually I can find at least ONE beer that I do like. Do I dare hope to get my hands on Monks Blood? Should I even bother with their watermelon?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Was I missed? Probably not

I have been away from this blog for a long while. Maybe cause I felt like I had nothing to say. Maybe cause I just was lazy. Who knows. I have had a lot going on lately so this current entry will just be a bunch of vomit.
I have no filters. I tweet about anything and everything and sometimes I give too much of myself away. Sometimes I am misunderstood. ( Most of the time it seems) I am thankful for some of the people I have meet thru twitter. Hopefully some of these new friendships will blossom. Some will wilt away and die like most relationships I have had in my life. That is not me being negative either. It is just the reality of how things work. I am not good at all the little things that make friendships work. I do not mean to be a failure as a friend. It just never has never been my thing.
What does upset me is when folks tell me what I should or should not be doing based on my tweets or make up asumptions about how I am living my life based on tweets. This is my own fault for putting myself out there like I do so I shouldn't let it bother me at all.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Negative Nancy

Apparently I have been rather negative lately on twitter. I guess I use twitter as a place to vent and did not notice I was being overly negative. I think with all the shit I deal with on a daily basis it is hard to be positive all the time. In my real life I am very positive to those around me.
I need a place to vent that is for sure. It is very hard to juggle all the balls I have to juggle. I do not want sympathy more like empathy. Sometimes it is nice to know I am not alone and that other people can relate. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the cards I have been dealt. I think that is pretty common. I admire those who can go thru each day and never complain or are not negative.
So anyhow I shall work on tweet at a time!